Kynd Community Cafe Bali

Adam Guthrie at Kynd Community Cafe Bali, Indonesia


Adam had a 10-day trip to Bali, Indonesia last week and did a Free Talk at Kynd Community Cafe in Petitenget/Seminyak last Thursday night, 18th of January 2018.

It was a fun evening with a full house. Adam spoke about healthy whole food plant based living and the attendees learned about the 5 principles for optimum health to gain more energy and feeling good. While at the same time creating more peace, love and Kyndness in the world. Visit his I Feel Good Lifestyle website and see more of how he does it.

Adam shared his journey from an overweight, depressed and unfulfilled 39 year old who had a heart attack to reversing heart disease, getting off all medications, losing 30kg and gaining enough energy to do one of the toughest endurance events in the world, an Ironman Triathlon. During his journey of transformation Adam also realised that this way of eating creates more love and compassion in the world, which now is his driving force for eating and living this way.

Corryn and Lauren, the owners of Kynd Community Cafe, said "Adam Guthrie is a serious game changer and is one of the healthiest, amazing and inspiring humans that we know... we are excited to have him speak about his amazing journey".

Kynd where so kind... they generously put on a spread of the most delicious Kynd canapés & free flow @220kombucha. This cafe is one of a Kynd, they are making a big difference in the world by showing people how good plant based food really tastes.  Kyndness is at their core and they are sprinkling it everywhere. They are making a positive impact in the world. Eating their food will not only contribute to creating more peace and love in the world, it will also help you age slower, have way more energy, feel good and look even better naked!

Kynd, thanks to you and your team for warmly welcoming Adam and for collaborating with him in spreading the Kynd plant based message.. Kudos guys!

To find out more about Kynd and visit them when your in Bali, here are all their pages...

Kynd Community Cafe


P.S. More Vegan Restaurant tours and Inspirational talks like this are already at the top of  Adam's bucket list and that's something to watch out for.