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Dr Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies is an Intensive Care Doctor who became plant-based in 2013 and has subsequently completed 5 marathons and 3 long distance ocean swimming events. He is the co-founder of the new normal project, a podcast and events company that aims to bring mindful, conscious content to anyone looking for expansion and improvement in the quality of their life. A couple of years ago Andrew hosted in Australia the Rich Roll, Plant-Powered Way Event.

In This Interview We Cover:

  • Why decided to study medicine and the choose to be an Intensive Care Doctor (ICU).

  • The types of patients that end up in ICU.

  • Why and how he went whole food plant based.

  • How a whole food plant-based diet has positively affected is marathon training.

  • What happened to his allergy and sinus issues after he stopped eating dairy.

  • Andrew shares the health issue that made him malnourished even while eating a whole food plant-based diet and why a whole food plant based diet was still the best solution for his recovery.

  • Why despite all the evidence most doctors don’t know about the healing power of a plant-based diet.

  • Andrews involvement with Doctors for Nutrition, a not for profit organisation that educates doctors about plant-based nutrition.

  • The Nutrition In Healthcare Conference, Melbourne Feb 16th to 17th 2019 with keynote speaker Dr Neal Barnard. Get Tickets Here... https://www.doctorsfornutrition.org/

  • Ways that Andrew is sharing the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet with his colleagues.

  • How Andrews stressful career caused him to have a breakdown and forced him to take a year off and how he now manages work-life balance.

  • The New Normal project podcast and how he came to host Rich Roll's "Living The Plantpower Way" Australian Tour in 2017.

  • Plus more.

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