Hollie Kempton: Vegan powerlifter, author, health coach and creator of powered by vegies

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Hollie Kempton

Hollie Kempton is a vegan powerlifter, author, health coach and creator of powered by vegies https://www.poweredbyvegies.com.au.

She is a healthy living advocate and her aim is to empower people to bounce out of bed in the morning full of energy fuelled by whole plant-based foods.

In This Interview We Cover:

  • How Hollie fuels her hectic life as a PE teacher, university student studying Nutrition and Dietetics, writing cookbooks and training as a vegan powerlifter.

  • How her workout recovery time is so much quicker than others in the gym and how it gives her a competitive advantage.

  • Hollies struggle with lack of confidence and how she overcomes self-doubt.

  • Where Hollies plant-based journey started, and how my cooking class taught her that going 100% whole food plant-based was definitely not impossible but was the way to go for better health, more energy and to feel good.

  • Where Hollie's gets the protein she needs to lift heavy weight and compete at national powerlifting championships.

  • Hollies strategies for easily eat plant-based when eating out or at social events.

  • Why Hollie decided to write 2 cookbooks.

  • The difference between whole food plant-based and vegan.

  • Hollies, tips for going plant-based and how she has helped so many people transform their health and life via her coaching.

  • What her parents thought when she went plant-based and how she reassured them that it’s all ok.

  • Plus more.

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