Matt Goss: Matt is the creator and founder of Herbidoor. A plant based pre-made meal delivery company .

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Matt Goss

Adam Guthrie From I Feel Good Magazine Interviews Matt Goss. Matt is the creator and founder of Herbidoor. A plant based pre-made meal delivery company located on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. Demand for Matt's plant-based comfort meals exploded after he was featured on 7 News, Livekindly and won Best of The Gold Coast for meal delivery by the Gold Coast Bulletin. Herbidoor meals are now stocked at select independent grocers and are available for home delivery to greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Sydney with expansion plans to Melbourne and beyond.

In This Interview We Cover:

  • Why Matt went vegan and he benefits that happen to him physically after going plant based.

  • What it’s like to be a vegan family. Matt’s wife is Amanda Rose is a vegan bikini model.

  • How Matt’s energy and recovery improved as a martial arts after going vegan.

  • How Herbidoor was created, from making a meal at home to being on supermarket shelves.

  • How Matt eats throughout the day to give him more clarity, more productivity and energy to run his business.

  • What Matt’s work week looks like and how he has systemised his business to keep consistency.

  • The importance of food safety and the challenge around using eco packaging.

  • Matts search for biodegradable packaging.

  • The challenges of logistics and delivery costs in a food business and how Matt overcome them to grow herbidoor.

  • The stress of running a business and how Matt sees this stress as a form of personal development.

  • The importance of cooking with love when we make food for ourselves and others.

  • Plus more.

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