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Anja Cass

Anja Cass in 2012 had health scare. After a routine doctor’s appointment it was found that she had a bulging aorta and the onset of heart disease. With a young son and a history of fatal heart disease on both sides of her family, Anja researched ways to reverse this. Everything led to a Plant Based Diet which helped her lose 25kg and reverse her disease. She is the author of 3 plant based cookbooks and the founder of the youtube channel and website

In This Interview Adam Guthrie & Anja Cass Cover:

  • How a visit to a doctor became a shocking life changing event.

  • How Anjas reduced here cholesterol and lost 25kg in 5 months and kept it off.

  • Anja’s emotional eating and yo-yo dieting and what helped and inspired her to give a whole food plant based diet a go.

  • What Anja ate when she first changed to this way of eating.

  • How long it took Anja to feel good and have energy after eating this way.

  • The challenges Anja faced when she started eating whole food plant based and how she overcame them.

  • How Anja sees this as not a diet and more as a way of living and the benefits of doing it long term.

  • Anjas tips for eating this way successfully.

  • What people started saying and doing when Anja began to get healthy and seeing the weight loss. It’s not what you think.

  • Anja’s tips for eating plant based when invited to other peoples places and family gatherings.

  • How and why Anja started her youtube channel.

  • What it takes to make just one little youtube video.

  • Why Anja was inspired to write 3 cookbooks.

  • Anjas tips to get whole food plant based meals on the table in 15 minutes.

  • What Anja eats on a daily basis to maintain her healthy weight.

  • Why Anja started coaching people to lose weight and the results her clients have been getting.

  • Anjas 3 tips to start eating whole food plant based diets.

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