Emma Strutt Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist And Yoga Teacher.

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Emma Strutt

Emma is a registered dietitian and nutritionist, earning her degree from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Initially working within the hospital system, she now runs a private practice and also works as a Research Assistant at a QLD medical research institute. Emma holds a Certificate in Plant-Based nutrition through eCornell University / T Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies and is a qualified yoga teacher. Having followed a plant-based diet for over a decade, Emma passionately advocates the benefits of plant-based nutrition through her private practice work, in addition to a wellbeing and education program she developed for members of her local community. Emma is a member of the Doctors For Nutrition advisory board, and their lead dietitian for QLD. Emma is also a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

In This Interview Adam Guthrie & Emma Strutt Cover:

  • Why Emma became vegan, a nutritionist and dietitian.

  • How a whole food plant-based vegan diet can be healthy for all people at all ages of life.

  • Why people who eat plants are drawn to yoga and those that do yoga get drawn to eating plants.

  • What emma would do to change hospitals food to make it healthier.

  • What causes most chronic diseases.

  • What a whole food plant-based diet is and how it’s different to a vegan diet.

  • Emma's tips for starting to eat and transition to a 100% whole food plant-based diet.

  • Emma’s favourite meal.

  • The types of people Emma sees in her practice and how she helps them to eat plant-based to reverse disease.

  • The importance of learning the practical skills of eating a whole food plant-based diet.

  • How to shop in supermarkets.

  • Can we get all the nutrients we need on a whole food plant based diet?

  • How to get you B12 and why meat eaters need to it too just not vegans.

  • Where do we get our protein on a whole food plant based diet, why it’s important and how much do we need?

  • The best sources of protein on a whole food plant-based diet.

  • What is the plant-based high 5.

  • Omega 3’s & 6’s explained, why they are important and where to get them on a whole food plant based diet.

  • Doctors for nutrition and what they are doing to help educate doctors and the public about plant-based nutrition.

  • Emma’s top 3 tips for starting a whole food plant based diet.

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