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Robyn Chuter: Robyn is a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Nutritionist, Naturopath and Counsellor

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Robyn Chuter

Adam Guthrie From I Feel Good Magazine Interviews Robyn Chuter. Robyn is a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, nutritionist, naturopath and counsellor who specialises in helping people overcome chronic conditions that are considered medically incurable, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and autoimmune conditions. Robyn has been vegetarian since the age of 15 and wholefood plant-based vegan for the past 14 years.

In This Interview We Cover:

  • Why Robyn decided to get into healthcare.What they teach you about a vegan diet while doing a nutrition degree.

  • Treating the root source of an illness rather than treating illness symptoms.

  • Lifestyle medicine, treating patients with food and lifestyle.

  • How Robyn helps people change their unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

  • Why kids are getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases and are becoming obese.

  • What an unhealthy and a healthy diet looks like.

  • What to expect when you first start to eat whole food plant based.

  • Why a support network is so important to creating lasting change.

  • Robyns why. Why she loves doing this work.

  • Why Dr Dean Ornish say that love and self-love is important part of healing.

  • The impact that stress has on health.

  • What to do if you know the food you are eating is not good for you but you just can't stop.

  • How EFT helps us deal with destructive emotions and food cravings.

  • Why Robyn went vegan and he different types of vegans.

  • What happens to our consciousness when we eat whole food plant-based.

  • Where we get protein and calcium on a plant based diet.

  • How to raise plant based kids.

  • How to eat plant based even when others in the home don't want to eat this way.

  • The importance of doing you, being you and looking after you.

  • What happens when we let go of thinking about food all the time.

  • What to do when people try to trip you up.

  • Robyns top tips for going whole food plant-based.

  • Plus more.

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