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Josh Reed Accredited Dietitian (APD), Sports Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Health Writer.

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Josh Reed

Josh Reed is an Accredited Dietitian (APD), Sports Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Health writer. Based in Byron Bay, Josh operates a Dietetic Consulting business, specialising in gut health, IBS, FODMAPs and chronic disease prevention and management. He also works in Aboriginal Health, delivering primary prevention programs as well as consulting one on one. As a guest speaker and health writer, Josh focuses on the power of plant-based nutrition and the strong body of evidence that surrounds it. Apart from his work in the health industry for more than 10 years, Josh trains, competes and spends whatever time he can in the ocean.

In This Interview Adam Guthrie & Josh Reed Cover:

  • How Doctors are now starting to send Josh “Patient For Whole Food Plant Based Diet” on there prescriptions for chronic diseases.

  • How eating a plant-based diet can take years of your life.

  • What’s causing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and IBS plus other autoimmune disease and what foods to choose that will give you the best chance of preventing and even reversing those diseases.

  • The number one thing people with chronic disease are deficient in.

  • How eating more plants improves mental health.

  • The importance of having a good healthy gut bacteria and what foods make your gut healthier.

  • What a super healthy plant-based plate looks like. What foods need to be on your plate to make us really healthy.

  • Where we get or protein, carbohydrates and fats from on a plant-based diet.

  • The importance of meeting our calorie needs to ensure we get the right amount of nutrients.

  • Josh's recommendations about what to do if you don’t like eating leafy greens or vegetables.

  • Why people don't eat healthy.

  • What drew Josh to Aboriginal health and the inequities they have that are causing health problems.

  • How big fast food companies are taking advantage of low socioeconomic communities.

  • How eating a whole food plant-based diet can save you money and improve your health.

  • Josh’s and Adam's tips on how to prepare whole food plant-based meals quickly and easily.

  • The importance of looking at our values when we want to change our health.

  • Why chronic lifestyle diseases is not only happening to low socioeconomic communities but also to the affluent and the middle class.

  • The obesity epidemic and the cost to our health and the health care system.

  • Why they changed the name from adult onset diabetes to type 2 diabetes.

  • What the main cause of colon cancer.

  • Why movement is important to good health and how to best start moving your body. Tips on how to exercising even when making a cup of tea.

  • Why having support in making a lifestyle and health change is important and ideas on how to get support to help you make the transition.

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