The Vegan Coach

Aaron Cattell: Aaron is the vegan coach, he is a personal trainer and nutritionist who helps vegans transform there body and health.

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Aaron Cattell

This week Adam Guthrie chats with Aaron Cattell, The Vegan Coach.
Aaron is a personal trainer and nutritionist based in London and offers online transformational programs for vegan, ‘almost-vegans’ and plant-based people.

He has a BSc in Sports Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition and has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years. During that time his knowledge base has not only widened but also evolved to incorporate a more open-minded approach.

He also has a podcast called "The Fit Vegan Body" and hosts talks and vegan retreats, with the next one in Bali.

In This Interview We Cover:

  • Why Aaron decided to choose a career in sports science and nutrition.

  • What they teach you about a vegan diet while doing a nutrition degree.

  • Why he became vegan, what his concerns were and why he decided to teach people how to be a healthy vegan.

  • How to build a physique, gain muscle and reduce body fat on a vegan diet. .

  • How much protein we need a day and how we get it on a vegan diet.

  • What to focus on when you want to lose weight, calorie deficit and calorie surplus.

  • How to calculate how many calories we should be eating to maintain good health.

  • Is it important to measure macronutrients when building a physique.

  • What macronutrient percentages splits should we be tracking.

  • The importance of consistency when it comes to building a physique.

  • Why sweet cravings disappear when we eat a whole food plant based diet

  • Plus more.

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