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Kylie Wood: Co-Founder of BKA Vegan Restaurant & Bar Burleigh Heads Queensland

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Kylie Wood

Kylie is the co-founder of BKA Vegan Restaurant & Bar in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and has been vegan for 7 years. Kylie decided to retire from a 35-year corporate career to open BKA with chef and partner Ryan. All she wanted to do was feed people quality, delicious and innovative plant-based food prepared with love and kindness that causes no harm to the beings we share this amazing planet with. She wanted to change the future and lives one meal at a time!

In This Interview We Cover:

  • Why Kylie decided to open a vegan restaurant.

  • How Kylie and her partner (Chef) Ryan tested the market to see if there was enough demand for the food before opening a restaurant.

  • How they choose their location for the restaurants.

  • Kylie's 20 years experience in Bali, living in villages and learning to cook.

  • What Kylie uses instead of shrimp paste in her Indonesian dishes to make them vegan.

  • How Kylie developed her famous ramen dish.

  • How and why Kylie become vegan.

  • The inner peace and benefits that eating vegan brings.

  • What Kylie says when she’s asked “where do you get your protein?”

  • How Kylie handled concerns from friends when she went vegan.

  • Kylie’s tips for eating out and at family and friends as a vegan.

  • Kylie’s vision now and for the future.

  • What “BKA” stands for.

  • Plus more.

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