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Tessa White: Tessa is a Vegan Mum, 3 Times Ironman and Ultra Marathon

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Tessa White

Adam Guthrie From I Feel Good Magazine Interviews Tessa White, a vegan mum, 3 times Ironman, Ultra Marathon runner.

Tessa is ex personal trainer and mum to a fully plant based family of four. She has completed 3 Ironman’s and Ultra Marathons between Australia and the USA and continues to find new challenges each year.

The White Family turned plant based overnight for health reasons 2 years ago and have never looked back.

Before moving to the United States Tessa was a highly successful business owner but also suffered from anxiety and depression. Tessa openly shares her journey on social media and does so in the hope of providing solidarity for the suffering whilst also inspiring to push further and test their boundaries, be it in fitness, parenting skills or mental health journey.

In This Interview We Cover:

  • Tessa’s triathlons and ironman journey.

  • Why Tessa loves to run and what motivates her to keep fit.

  • Tessa’s journey through, stress, anxiety and depression and getting off medications.

  • How being too driven and overworking can lead to poor mental health.

  • Tessa’s tips on handling stress and work.

  • How Tessa educates her kids about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Why Tessa and her family recently went vegan and how the family successfully made the transition.

  • The changes Tessa has experienced in her mental health and athletic performance after going whole food plant-based.

  • Tessa's tips on how to help kids go plant-based.

  • What a day looks like in there vegan family household, what they eat and their favourite meals.

  • How and why the family is shifting to vegan clothing, recycling, and being more ecologically sustainable.

  • What brings Tessa pleasure these days and how her mindset has changed since going plant-based.

  • What Tessa’s kids lunch boxes look like.

  • How Tessa would feel if her kids didn’t choose to be vegan when they leave home.

  • Plus more.

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