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Harry Bolman: Vegan Life Meet Ups & The Vegan Hour Live Steam Show

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Harry Bolman

Adam Guthrie From I Feel Good Magazine Interviews Harry Bolman. Harry went vegan 39 years ago at the age of 16, originally for health reasons but soon becoming an ethical vegan along the way.

He has a large social media presence and runs the Vegan Life Meetup group on the Gold Coast with almost 1000 members and for the last four years has also hosted a fortnightly live stream The Vegan Hour, where he interviews a wide range of Vegan identities.

In This Interview We Cover:

  • Why Harry started the Vegan Life Meetup Group.

  • The first vegan restaurant on the Gold Coast Qld Australia, the newest vegan restaurant and how the coast has grown to have so many vegan places to eat.

  • Why Harry went vegan 39 years ago at 16 years of age. The difficulty of being a vegan back then with mates, family and community and how Harry dealt with it.

  • Harry's spiritual journey, seeking the big questions to life and experiencing oneness.

  • The book that changed Harry's life and helped him see the world differently.

  • How social media has helped more people become aware of the issues around eating meat and educating and inspiring so many to be vegan.

  • Harry's advice about how to chat with people about veganism.

  • Harry's thoughts about why people can be aware of the animal cruelty and the impact meat eating has on the environment and their health but still choose to eat meat.

  • How the Vegan Hour Show started and the guest Harry interviews.

  • How Harry finds happiness and the natural vegan high.

  • Plus much more...

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