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Julie Blake had high cholesterol and psoriasis, but that change when she went whole food plant-based.

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Julie Blake

Adam Guthrie interviews Julie Blake about her health transformation. Julie had high cholesterol, psoriasis and it all change after going whole food plant-based. After starting a whole food plant-based diet Julies psoriasis went within 2 weeks and it’s now 18 months later and it’s not returned. Her total cholesterol went from 8 to 5 and is continuing to drop and her doctor has taken her off cholesterol medications. She lost 5kg and 4 cm around her waist and its stayed off for more than a year. She looks healthier, younger, feels good, has a lot more energy and her mood has improved. Julie said her brain fog lifted and she doesn’t feel heavy or sluggish anymore.

In This Interview Adam Guthrie & Julie Blake Cover:

  • How a recipe of Adam’s in the EatWell Magazine, lead to transforming her and her family's health.

  • Why Julie went whole food plant-based and her experienced after doing so.

  • What Julie’s day looks like now compared to before and what she does to maintain good health.

  • How this way of eating is the first time, after trying many things, that Julie has been able to easily and consistently stick to long term.

  • What Julies meals look like for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Food waste and the environment.

  • Julie’s husband also started eating this way, he loves the food, lost 10kg and his energy increased. Plus his doctor took him off blood pressure medications.

  • How Julie's stress around food has changed compared to before.

  • The importance of community when learning to eat this way.

  • What Julie did to overcome her sweet cravings plus she shares her whole food toffee recipe.

  • What Julie says to people when they ask why she doesn't eat meat.

  • How Julie eats at family gatherings like Christmas and parties etc.

  • The challenges Julie faced when she started eating this way, how she overcame them and her 4 tips for starting your plant based journey.

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