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Trevor Birkbeck reversed type 2 diabetes on a whole food plant-based diet.

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Trevor Birkbeck

Adam Guthrie interviews Trevor Birkbeck about his health transformation. Trevor had type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was overweight. Within 9 weeks of eating a whole food plant-based diet Trevor’s doctor told him he was no longer type two diabetic. It’s now 12 months later and it’s not returned plus his total cholesterol went from 6.7 to 4.8. He lost 27kg, and looks and feels younger and healthier than ever before. His whole life has transformed.

In This Interview Adam Guthrie & Trevor Birkbeck Cover:

  • What life was like for Trevor growing up milking cows in Rockhampton Australia and what he ate growing up and for most of his adult life.

  • Trevor's family history of type 2 diabetes and how he was able to still reverse his.

  • How Trevor and I meet and how the I Feel Good Program helped him.

  • The diet doctors and dieticians recommended Trevor eat for type 2 diabetes and how that diet is so different to the diet he ate to reverse his type 2 diabetes.

  • What can happen if you don’t do something about reversing your type 2 diabetes.

  • How Trevor also lowered his high cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • What Trevor eats now on a daily based to prevent type 2 diabetes from returning and to maintain his good health.

  • What made Trevor look for answers to improve his health.

  • How Trevors attitude to life has totally changed.

  • The challenges Trevor had when he stated to eat and live a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

  • What Trevor does when people offer him food that he knows will make him sick.

  • What happened to Trevor's intuition eating this way.

  • How different Trevor feels now at 71 years of age compared to how he felt at age 50 and 60.

  • The type of exercise Trevor does and how Trevor looks at food as a spiritual yogic practice.

  • Trevor’s three tips for helping you to start eating a whole food plant based diet way.

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