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Mike Case The Founder Of Vegainz Coaching

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Mike Case

Mike Case is a strength coach and the founder of Vegainz Method. A coaching program that destroys the myths about needing animal protein to making gains. 50% of Mikes career as strength coach he has fuelled his workouts with a whole food plant-based diet. What he loves about this type of lifestyle is that typically, it turns everything the text books tell you about nutrition and strength on its head.

In This Interview Adam Guthrie & Mike Case Cover:

  • Why Mike switch to a vegan diet.

  • How much gains to his body he has made by going vegan.

  • Mikes biggest fear about going vegan was losing the muscle mass he had gained, and what actually did happen.

  • What Mike eats in a day and where he gets his protein and why consume excess protein is a waste of time.

  • The most important things to focus on when building muscle mass.

  • What mikes training week looks like.

  • The importance of a whole food post workout meal and what Mikes secret ingredient is in his post workout meal.

  • Why it’s so easy to get lean on a plant based diet. And how Mike would training me to get a six pack.

  • What benefits have happened to Mike outside of the gym eating plants.

  • The secret to progressing with strength training.

  • What to do if we hit a plateau and the biggest thing that can hold us back from making progress.

  • What to look for in a good coach.

  • How to break away from meat to plants and the results that will happen.

  • Mikes plant based vision and his tips on how to best share, teach and introduce a plant-based diet to others.

  • The question that went through Mikes head when he started eating plant-based and where he looks for reliable based plant-based information.

  • Why it's so import is to build a strong foundation of health while training for performance.

  • Mikes 3 tips for going whole food plant-based and making gains.

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