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Emma Roche Author of “Whole Food Plant Based On $5 A Day"

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Emma Roche

Adam Guthrie interviews Emma Roche the author of “Whole Food Plant Based On $5 A Day". Emma has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition. She loves to cook, and has followed a plant-based diet for over a decade. Having lived in various locations throughout the world - sometimes on a shoestring budget, and often with irregular and demanding work schedules, Emma had to constantly adapt her diet in order to make it work. It’s taught her a lot, and it’s motivated her to show others just how accessible and enjoyable this way of eating can be.

In This Interview Adam Guthrie & Emma Roche Cover:

  • Why Emma went whole food plant-based.

  • Emma’s struggles starting to eat whole food plant-based especially in social occasions.

  • Emma’s tips on making food taste great.

  • What emma does when she eats out or is invited to dinner to ensure she still eats plant-based.

  • Why Emma wrote the book “Whole food plant-based diet on $5 day”.

  • Emma explains what a whole food plant based diet is.

  • Why oil is not part of a whole food plant based diet.

  • Emma shares what you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for $5 a day.

  • How eating this way can take longer to cook and prepare and Emma’s tips for preparing this food quickly and easily.

  • Emma’s role as Dr John McDougall's food photographer and her food photography tips.

  • The importance of having a community of like minded people when eating this way.

  • How to deal with social pressure when eating whole food plant-based.

  • Emma’s future plans for helping people to transition to a whole food plant based diet.

  • How Emma’s food has helped her family and friends to bring their cholesterol and blood pressure down.

  • Emma’s website recommendations for the sciences of eating whole food plant-based.

  • What Emma eats in a day.

  • The importance of starchy foods and leafy greens.

  • Emma’s top 3 tips for eating whole food plant-based.

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